I’m so happy to see it on this list, and I hope it encourages more people to search out the fan-made English translation and give it a go. I’ve played Metroid Prime a few times, and if you didn’t have to do the Artifact hunt near the end, which completely destroys the pacing, it’d probably be one of my favorite GameCube games. But it pulls that Wind Waker BS by making you go on a tedious item hunt, and, frankly, it puts me off to the point where I don’t even like replaying the game much anymore.

  • This would allow the hacker to use a lot of rom space by only including the pokemon needed for the hack.
  • If you’re using macOS version 10.13 or older, there may be no driver for the insideGadgets GBxCart RW device installed on your system.
  • For Windows, the easiest option is to download the installer, rather than the .7z archive.

Walk down to the lower left corner and step on the tile to open the door on the right. Walk through to the next room, and you reach a four way intersection. You can go in any direction but the direction you were moving when you entered the room.

Step 1: Download the GBA Emulator

And the tools needed depends entirely on what your project is like. Ok if there are already pokemon on your map then you can change some values. First if you want to add more pokemon that you can encounter then click the expand button a pop up box will apear then put a check mark in the box it will add to the number of pokemon on the field . When you are finished click save if not all your hard ice cream work will be lost.

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Similarly, the game also includes a morality system and a range of sidequests. Furthermore, the game also has updated graphics and improved gameplay features. The game has the original story of Fire Red but adds a ton of new content that brings the game to life. Such content includes updated graphics, previously unobtainable Pokémon, new trainers, and in-game events. The game is popular amongst fans of the franchise due to the game using a mixture of assets from older games such as Pokémon Fire Red and mixing it with newer games like Pokémon White.

The brand new dungeons are a highlight, but they’re also the hardest part of hacking. Every great dungeon has one that is unfair or simply impossible. It’s kind of the definitive edition of the ALTTP game, and it’s great.


There are a lot of references to manga, films, books, and other hacks. The developers have updated trainers and Pokemon sprites in the game. In this game, you start your journey in the Orbtus region. The Orbtus region once was a very densely populated region, but everything went to hell because of earthquakes and other natural calamities. Play the game in a totally new region with new gyms.

Play Game Boy Advance (GBA) Games on Your Samsung Galaxy Note 2

There’s also a little trick you can do using the Good Bee. If you release the bee when searching for the flute at the Haunted Grove, it will fly direct to the spot you have to dig, and it will be there as long as it takes to you get the flute. On the lake’s west bank lives a Fortune Teller who will sometimes give advice, always for a price. People who have Zora’s Flippers can swim in Lake Hylia and the rivers that feed it. Faerie tale recalledThe Hylians discovered an oasis of sorts at the entrance to the desert. Inside a cave, there is a cool, soothing spring where a Faerie restores travelers’ strength.